Welder Killed When Tank He Thought Was Empty Explodes

Welder Killed When Tank He Thought Was Empty Explodes

A welder thought the tank he was working on was empty, so he was welding it until the thing exploded in his face and killed him. Workers near him were injured in the process.

We’ve recently seen a similar CCTV video of a fuel tank explosion likewise caused by the workers applying heat to the container still holding the flammable fluids.

Props to Best Gore member @curiousvixen for the video:

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79 thoughts on “Welder Killed When Tank He Thought Was Empty Explodes”

          1. Hell yes, when the ass end of a Soviet era army surplus tank blows off dry and free, you get the full impact of that zesty homestyle Arctic wasteland flavor that can only be matched by a Lada radiator singly-distilled potato vodka.

    1. This one is from Russia as well. It’s a scrap yard and they were cutting it up, one dead two injuried. The one I think you are referring two was bit different, they were just heating up a valve to open it.

  1. People do stupid shit like this at work all the time. My dad works for the gas company and his buddy/coworker responded to a gas leak at motel 6 in Seattle. He didn’t follow protocol and didn’t wait for the fire dept. He just ambled over to turn it off. Blew up in his face and threw him up and over a concrete wall. He was in icu for a long ass time and almost died a bunch of times. He burnt the inside of his throat and lungs. Massive head injuries. Fucked him up bad. The whole one side of the motel was toast. Guy worked for the gas company for 30 years. He knew better! He’s got some brain damage still and it’s been 2 years. The video to that incident quite possibly could’ve been on here too at one time……..

      1. Yes Sphinx… apparently the survival instinct isn’t very strong in some Russians and this particular tank welder. He really needed to bone up on his mad surgical cutting skillz. Preparation is everything. All he needed to do was drill a small bore hole into the tank, apply lips to the hole and suck those fume into his lungs & then exhale & get that oxy-acetylene torch & set it on fire. Gene Simmons woulda been proud.
        But no… he hadda turn his back on sex & drugs & rock & roll fame for an ignominious death as a loser on Bestgore.

  2. I’d like to remind everyone once again, it’s the empty fuel tanks you want to be most careful with! It’s the vapors left over that are deadly explosive! Play around all you want with a full tank…..just don’t go too crazy.

  3. Just goes to remind anyone working in potentially hazardous conditions to double check the information given to them by others before proceeding. Poor bastard thought it was empty, definitely should have verified before torching into the damn thing.

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