Will You Be Here Tomorrow – Industrial Work Safety Video from 1998

Will You Be Here Tomorrow - Industrial Work Safety Video from 1998

Will You Be Here Tomorrow - Industrial Work Safety Video from 1998

This is a bloody and unintentionally hilarious industrial work safety video presumably from 1998 – based on the date displayed at the beginning. It asks the all-important question: Will You Be Here Tomorrow?

BestGore.com has been here for more than eleven years, and during that time it has helped to save many lives, based on countless testimonials, identify and capture dangerous criminals, expose lies declared as official truths by the people in the position of authority, and generally made the lives of the people safer and fuller by a myriad of other means.

What these 11+ years have shown us is that gore works. I mean… duh! Governments put graphic images on cigarette boxes and finance productions of graphic work/driver safety videos, because it’s the one thing that gets the message across. It goes without saying that gore works. Which is why we at Best Gore continue to provide the public service by posting the content every day, because few things serve the public interest as effectively as daily reminders of reality.

Without further ado, I share with you the “Will You Be Here Tomorrow?” video, so each and every one of you who have a dangerous job, can come back from it whole. Obviously, that excludes women, as being born with a vagina comes with a lifetime of inherent privileges, but that’s for another topic.

Props to Best Gore member @smileusb75 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Best Gore helps people, even if many don’t realize it, for example: Participating in a Brazilian gang, exchanging shots with the police or if you fuck a married pussy, Your ending will be at Best Gore, with videos that will guide things you can’t do, if you want to die, feel free. I don’t know what would become of me if Best Gore ended.

          1. An idiot meth head neighbor used one in a burglary this past summer to carry away all the shit they stole. Left a trail of electronics and tools and shit all the way across the mall parking lot. Now anytime I see that forklift I have a good laugh.

          2. Just a few months ago, a group of spineless amoeba used a forklift to rip the entire front wall of a gun shop down, stole thousands of dollars worth of weaponry

          1. I jumped out when all hope was lost and the lift was at a 45 degree angle, damn good thing I wasn’t wearing the seat belt. Fuck going down with ship.

            Ironically, the lift only tipped because my boss told me lift a unit that overloaded it. I wasn’t disciplined because I was doing what I was told.

    1. Back in “74” when I took Driver’s Ed, they showed a film (yes film) of a movie called “Ohio State Patrol.” It was centered around the Ohio State Police, answering numerous calls of road accidents, based on driver error.

      Unfortunately, the film was in black and white, and it only showed the deceased under a sheet on a stretcher, on route to the morgue.

      It wasn’t until a few years later, when a friend of mine became a paramedic, did I have a chance to see these unfortunate bastards, in their true form of vehicular homicide.

    2. 1998 was a pretty gay year overall. It’s hard to imagine this masterpiece was created that year.
      I did have a pretty kickass car and car stereo system at the time though. Internet gaming was new. It took you 8 months to download a patch for any game. Life was simpler then.

      1. @coffindodger
        I Agree that life indeed was better then bro. Fuck,,, from 1980 to about 1999, right before The W2K-Bug Scare,,, all was much better overall. Everybody had jobs, (if they wanted-one) that is, lol.

        There was much less people on Welfare, as i distinctly remember every single friend that i had going to work everyday if they quit school (as i did) cause they just could/would not submit themselves to all the brainwashing that had started becoming more prevalent, and because of it quite noticeable back then.

        People smoked hash, & drank beer on weekends while most of us went fishing on The Mighty-Dirty Ottawa River, lol. But it was fun nonetheless as when the R.C.M.P. Came to see us on the river bank at 3 A.M. it was only to make sure that we kept our fire small, and picked-up our beer bottles.

        Also,,, there was none of this LGBT Garbage going-on back then either. Fagots kept mostly to themselves, and the real-Flamers,,, well they stayed indoors and away from guys like us, cause they knew better to remain at home while remaining in the closet about-it when venturing-outdoors, lol.

        Yep Brother,,, I Really miss the old days brother @coffindodger, I Really Do. And this is why i truly love Russia, and their strict Laws regarding Real Moral-Corruption, that still Apply today regarding The LGBT Community.

        1. Since I’ve turned 90, I’ve found that I care less and less about what is going on in the world. I prefer to just do my own thing. There’s no reason keeping up with the times, because the times don’t deserve to be kept up with these days. It’s all just a bunch of bullshit.

          1. @coffindodger
            You are not really 90 years-old eh bro??
            But either way,,, i know what you mean my man as it can get quite depressing when you stop, and think about how nice, and peaceful the good old days were sometimes. 🙁

          2. @thedre
            Let’s just say I’m less than half that. Which is still pretty damn old. Dre, 54 is not that scary. If I reach that ripe old age I will be happy I guess. Or maybe wish I was dead already. Too old for anyone to give a fuck about me anymore and too young to collect social security. Seems like a weird age. But then what isn’t these days?

    3. They used to show us one in drivers-ed called ‘Red Asphalt’. It was pretty weak though.

      This is so much better. Love the attention to detail, and the variety!

      The guy getting hit in the jaw in slow motion, by a flying gas canister, is fucking priceless

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  4. A few thoughts –
    a) such a noisy video but no education on workplace deafness ??
    b) send this video to China for their education IMMEDIATELY – which is ironic because everything else is made in China
    c) could have mistaken this video for a OPSM or Specsaver ad from 1972 – was it a requirement to be in this video you must wear the ugliest and daggiest specs on Earth?
    d) it’s not only industrial worksites you got to worry about – my mate works in an office and 6 mths ago got a spectacular paper cut on his finger. He is yet to return to work, which is actually mostly the PTSD…………

      1. I guess you guys never saw the aftermath of an operator forgetting to de-energize a hydraulically powered centrifuge while volunteering to clear the line. Well, neither did I, but I know a customer back in the 70s that had the pleasure of observing the headless and partially shoulder less remains of such retarded practices.

        Just hearing that the facility had three days off sufficed for the lack of modern smart phone videography. Oof…

  5. Geez ..
    Next these guys are gonna tell me I can’t nail a rusty nail through my penis
    if I don’t have a Tetnus shot first ??

    PS: Free Joke :
    What do you get if you cross Spielberg with a Nazi with a document ?
    – Shitler’s List

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    1. I envy your endurance with new material, full length songs/poems, building a story around topical humour and horror… Geez jonny, are you on drugs to, or are you to fucking crazy to do them?

      P.s it also sounds like you really enjoy your own writing, don’t get to high on your own supply Hahaha!

      1. Yeah, Mike

        Let me answer those questions now:
        Q: are you on drugs , or are you to fucking crazy to do them?
        A: -I’m not on drugs, I know some writers, like Kerouac have
        used them to write really bizarre shit, but I like to stay in total
        -occasionally I have weed only ’cause my
        brother wants me to, ’cause I feel sorry for him (long story)
        -but I don’t write anything on weed, I wait till the next day
        when I’m back at home and safe
        -But I had to stop death-poems recently, because to write both something
        and nothing at the same time, was slowly turning me to mad-ness
        (It’s harder than you think..)
        I’m talking about the poems/prose trying to explain/capture death

        Q: it also sounds like you really enjoy your own writing
        A: -Yeah, I think all writers do, or they wouldn’t write
        -I like to see how it ‘flows’ down the page, and how also
        one little change or word here or there can make a big
        difference .. I think that’s the challenge
        -It’s kind of a way to ‘connect’ to this fucked up World, in a World
        that is increasingly ‘disconnecting’ people like cables into
        the back of a Chingy computer
        -Just to have readers listen for one God damned moment in their
        selfish fucked up lives .. Listen to my pain, my suffering, my madness

        Pop goes the Weazel

        1. Unfiltered writing at its finest, very satisfied with your reply… however I would like to know why you only smoke weed with your bro?
          “But I had to stop recently, because to write both something
          and nothing at the same time, was slowly turning me to mad-ness”
          Sounds like tug of war in yer noggin! I find drugs to be a great muse in my writing, too much can lead me into retardation.
          “Just to have readers listen for one God damned moment in their
          selfish fucked up lives” The average human is selfish within this realm, abnormal obsession with death, miserable fucktards ingesting every last word you spew.
          This site is a great platform for that art form.

          1. Hey Mike

            Let me answer your phantasmagorical & ribald questions:

            Q: I would like to know why you only smoke weed with your bro?

            A: Well, he is 54, he lost his health, then career, then wife, kids, house, savings. He just lives now on 5oo a week private insurance pension, sleeping in a small room on a single bed at my Mom’s place, and my Mom is a mental cunt (eg: she will cook mince, then split it, and salt his half till it is inedible – and this is just one example of loads of evil she commits every week
            He was looking for ‘pain relief’ for back nerve gone real bad, so
            I suggest weed, and he took to it like Obama to power
            He loves it, lives for it
            So .. he wants to share the happiness, so I partake even though
            I could do without it myself

            Q: Sounds like tug of war in yer noggin! I find drugs to be a great muse in my writing, too much can lead me into retardation.

            A: Yeah, the death prose was really hard because it had to be:
            Sane yet insane
            Tangible, yet not there
            Visible, yet invisible
            Cold, yet warm
            Happy, yet miserable

            (See my dilemma?)

            Q: The average human is selfish within this realm, abnormal obsession with death, miserable fucktards ingesting every last word you spew. This site is a great platform for that art form
            A: Yes, I guess it is the right platform for that kind of stuff
            Checkout the brilliant writer Kanabus in the forum/chillout/poetry part of BG – example :


      1. Q&A with Jonny

        Q: His kids won’t give him a decent cooked meal once a week or so?
        A: He hasn’t seen his 16 year old daughter for a year, and only got to see her once the year before that too. She’s now being treated for Anorexia Nervosa after her heart stopped. The ex-wife has turned both his 21 year old son and his 16 year old daughter against their dad, there’s fuck all
        he can do about it, because the daughter lives with the Mom, and the
        court wont grant a ‘forced order’ that the daughter has to see her dad, so the only order my brother could get is one that the daughter ‘may see her father if she so wishes’ but even is she wanted to, the Mom can just stay “fuck that .. you’re not going .. or I’ll never speak to you again” (Which she has said on many occasions) So .. my brother is totally check-mated.
        And just sits there, drinking 7 days a week, waiting to die.

        Q: Private pension? medibank and Bupa provide disability pensions?
        A: He ruined his back at work, about 6 years ago, and the large employer (abbotoir) was self inured for worker’s comp insur. under QLD law, so this is his only income, and he’s allowed NO govt. benefits at all due to this

        1. Very sad indeed and also for his poor daughter. Anorexia nervosa sadly has a lot to do with self- esteem and family dynamics, as well as innate body dysmorphia. His wife may have been a tyrant but then in all fairness ,so may have been your brother.

          1. Yeah that’s right Nem, you can’t see exactly what went on in
            a family breakup situations, ’cause you’re not there ..
            But trust me .. ex-wife is a cunt, she’ll get the 2 kids to text
            “I hate you Dad” or something on his birthday, just to do
            as much emotional harm as she can
            If he asks a question about how the kids are going she texts
            him: “Stop stalking us”
            Then, later in the year she’ll text “YOU never see your children”
            Even though, she will not allow it, not now, not ever
            Crazy stuff

          2. Sounds like a real bitch ,mate . I hope your brother pulls through. All I can say is that children normally work out who is at fault once they reach adulthood. Unless the twenty- one year old boy is pussywhipped ,he and the sixteen year old will come around in time. I have seen it with my own eyes. Anti-dad ,loving mum and seeing the light when they entered the real world on reaching adulthood. Tell him to hold on .

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      1. Yes good point : Randy Andy can’t have sweated on the dancefloor
        over a 15 y/o honey pot, ’cause his sweat glands don’t work due to
        his navy ship being almost shot at (by a BB gun) in the illegal
        Fauklands war 1982 used to boost Thatcher’s slipping poles

  7. I know I said I was finished with poems .. but … fuck it .. I got bored waiting
    for the new post, so ..

    JIMMY SWAGGART by bad jonny

    Remember the Reverend

    Jimmy Swaggart ?

    He shot to great fame

    Like throwing a dart

    He was more famous

    Than Simpson Le Bart

    Just put another apple

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    Reverend Jimmy Swaggart? :

    A useless, scum-bag, fucking fart

      1. There was Pastor Teg Haggard, he was married with kids and was even in with ‘W’ Bush, until he got busted for cocaine & a male prostitute ..
        There’s a good doco: the life and times? of ted haggard

        And some US Senator with a wife n kids came out as homo about 15 years
        ago, I don’t know if he was cruizin’ the toilet block, like Alan boy-lover Jones in the 8os though ..

  8. @hopingfornemesis

    Hey guys

    I just watched a very intriguing doco : The Last Mogul – the life and times of
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    This Mafia backed Russian Jew cunt OWNED hollywood right through the 4os, 5os, 6os, 7os and 80s

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    He’s even the guy that hooked up actor Ron Regan as the GE spokesman and
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    Then, when Regan was US Prez, Wasserman called in more favors

    Then, Bill Pedo Clinton leaned heavily on Wasserman in the 9os to get

    Fucking Jew Scum ..

  9. This looks like some gory 1980s horror movie.

    Still….winners don’t do blue collar jobs, they do white collar. Safer, better paid, more fun and pleasant. Even Feminism can’t ruin that. And you work with a higher calibre of person.

    Gotta laugh when the narrator says “You gotta have an attitude of doing the best job possible”….that’s not possible every single day when the monthly pay is a bit shit, lol.

  10. Lol” I use to work for FedEx. And one time i overloaded the front of the trailer . Right after i backed out the whole trailer fliped forward. Thats what they get for trusting me with a weapon of mass Destruction…☆《《

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