Woman Falls to Her Death Trying to Take Selfie 27 Stories High

Dumb Bitch Still Holding On to Selfie Stick While Falling

Woman Falls to Her Death Trying to Take Selfie 27 Stories High

A woman reported to have been of Portuguese nationality died after falling to the pavement from the 27th floor of a building in the residential sector of El Cangrejo, in Panama City, Panama.

The attention seeking woman apparently tried to take a selfie sitting on the railing of the balcony, when she lost balance due to a sudden draft of air.

Workers from a construction site nearby said they repeatedly shouted at the woman to step down from the railing, but she either did not pay attention or did not hear the alerts. A few minutes later, she fell into the void.

Props to Best Gore member @kike004 for the video:

Props to Best Gore member @venentus for the pics:

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81 thoughts on “Woman Falls to Her Death Trying to Take Selfie 27 Stories High”

    1. 😀 you can only guess what’s going through her head 3 seconds before impact:
      1. Oh No I can’t believe I’m actually going to die?
      2. I wish I paid any attention to anything else but myself?
      3. Oh god even if you let me die, don’t let me look ugly?

      Some aftermath closeups would have been awesome

    1. dude did you ever heard about “clip” a video? “cut”? lmao.
      camera person could be recording her for 20min, but he OF COURSE just clipped the dying scene.
      Nobody want to sit here to watch the girl taking pictures for 20min before dying. Just clip her last 20 seconds of life.

  1. Right… a strange one this. Just so happens a man is filming off an apartment block and then that happens. Bull shit. It was his girl friend he told her to do it. Plus it looked on purpose and not accidental. Either way all we are seeing here is a flying body going to the ground. Should of had his camera man at the bottom for the explosion!

  2. Looks like suicide… anyone follow her on instagram to see if it was really a “history” or “live” or “selfie”?
    I can’t believe someone can be so stupid like that and this was a accident.
    Please, tell me this was a suicide. LOL

  3. OHHH I SOOOO PREEETYY!!! look at my face my tight pretty lips my goreous eyes!!! i need to lett the world see me!!!! Sites on edge to take seflie. wind comes and blows her alway OOOPS last blow she will ever give…Dumb Bitch

  4. Hahahaha funny how people think photos are so important. Nobody wants to see your duckface or Snapchat fakes. Hahaha so sad. Just like the other video of the parents on the stairs who drops their baby (who’s dead now) because they find selfies more important.

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