Woman Falls Into Escalator Shaft, Pushes Son Out Before Being Crushed

Woman Falls Into Escalator Shaft, Pushes Son Out Before Being Crushed

At Anliang Department Store in Jingzhou, Hubei province, China, a mother and her son fell into escalator shaft when the platform under them collapsed. As she was being chewed up by the gears that power the escalator, the woman managed to push her child to safety. She was crushed to death.

The woman was 30 year old. Her son – not yet three. The incident happened on Sunday, July 26, 2015. Escalators in China are evil.

Props to Best Gore member @IveGotYouUnderMySkin for the video:

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    1. This site should send CNN an invoice…I have noticed more and more that they have been using videos that are first posted on this site like this one.. they just aired this video on CNN but of course didn’t show the mother being chewed up….

      1. I have a feeling the women at top was telling her the cover was loose, dumbass maintenance guys didn’t put screws back in after they were done….in USA the lawyers would make a ton of money suing the mall…too bad some dipshit caused her brutal death….

    2. You can take to the elevators only if your eyes are chinky as elevators in CHINA do recognize one of their own and are kinda forgiving to them and them alone or else walk up and down the stairs but then again you never know what might be there in store .
      So while you are in China walk like some Chinese to escape disasters.

    3. This is a great site because it teaches you so many ways you can die lol.

      For example, after watching this video, now I learned to hold and stand next to the handrail whenever I go on an escalator – whether it’s in the U.S. or China.

      That way at least you have a chance of lifting yourself up before your jeans get caught in the gears.

      This shit could happen in the U.S. too, I’ve heard about elevators crushing people to death in the U.S.

    1. I agree. I live in asia.. and with a lot of the chines… Knowing them as I do, I would have expected her to turn the kid upside down and stick his head in the gears to buy herself some time.

      Not so… Major props to Madam Chink

        1. Live is cheap in Dink-ville… Why get bent out of shape over one kid when you just pop out a few more…

          Well, tip o’ the hat to this chink… Her actions were honorable…

    2. I’m just glad the on looker slash attempted to help the lady person had enough presents of mind to realize the woman’s done but her child is standing their watching she did the right thing for the child and got outta their

      1. There’s also a button (at least on OUR escalators), at the top and bottom that can stop the death machine just long enough for mommy to say goodbye to little junior, before she bleeds out and all shopping activities must re-commence.

    3. There was No Hero involvement whatsoever., it was the luck of the draw., I like I’m sure many others have experienced the Chinese person push there way to the front as if its a battle to the finish line., without a second thought. So yes ithink if she Knew she was going Down., I too think she would’ve thrown the kid under to save herself.

    1. Yeah shitty products, shitty industry, shitty regulations. I read that they build tall buildings in about 7 days and they collapse in a few weeks. Trains, cars all fail, there are lots of accidents. They don’t have any respect for environment, Beijing is so polluted you can’t even see the sunset or breathe any fresh air.
      . If the plane to China is made with same shitty parts and disintegrates in mid-air, then i have to say, NO thank you ! I’m never gonna visit this country

        1. You guys are spot on and damn too very right in your assessment. I am pleased and what about the Godforsaken country Named PAKISTAN. Tell me if its any better cause its a living hell out there .

          1. Just tell the sh!t-skins there’s Kentucky Fried at the top of the escalator and you can off half the population in no time.. The world would be a better place for it

        1. You have it backwards little one….tighty righty, lefty loosy…

          Btw Hanabi if you run across El Chapo tell him I said run shorty run….

          Actually, someone posted 10 days before his escape on his article here….Viva La Raza which was first coined by Hildago at the onset of the Mexican War of Independence…perhaps he knew of the pending escape and couldn’t resist posting here….

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  1. The more of these types of incidents I see, the more sense it makes to stay home at holiday time. Elf n Safety in UK is a bit of a ball ache, but at least one knows shit like this isn’t going to happen, Alton Towers aside.

      1. Oy vey! Very racist indeed! We must give him more cultural enrichment… and remember everyone of the goyim murdered by the racist evil white antisemitic nazis while we’re at it before they come against us again!

  2. That’s a 1 out of a thousand mom in China, most would’ve just either used their son to wedge the gears so that she can get free or dragged their son with them. Not this one, too bad she got killed by some incompetent idiot. You’ve been warned by others, I’ll say it too, when in china, stay away from anything that could potentially decapitate or kill you no matter how slim the possibility is.

  3. With how often mechanical equipment seems to be eating people in China looks like a new form of population control …… Hell what am I saying looks like the typical lazy short cuts you see in most made in china products…

  4. This video looks fake to me. Are you all being fooled or are you in on it as well? Am I being paranoid? lets see here, got 2 ladies standing on top of escalator(weird). Then the platform gives way like all the screws and rivets were taken out, even the garbage can in the middle falls and is empty? Then the mother gets swallowed up super fast and the other women make no reaction just get the kid out of the video. weird weird weird. This video is a fake, fugazi. I find it hard to believe the other two women standing on top of escalator didnt go near that platform.

    1. That’s what I was thinking. But then you have to remember that most women cannot think straight in emergency situations. Like when they open a shaken up bottle of fizzy drink and then just hold the thing at arms length and scream like that’ll make it stop

    2. It’s difficult to see but the emergency stop button might be that light colored square that became visible once the trash can fell over. The difference between a wheelchair and a coffin was literally inches away.
      Also, I wish we could have seen what came out at the bottom and worked it’s way back to the top.

  5. Holy shit. I don’t think I am going to be able to ride an escalator again without thinking about this. Good thing she was able to think and act fast to save her kid. She will probably be his hero for the rest of his life.

  6. OMG my heart is so heavy over this I have a son who turns 3 in April and a 1 year old daughter who turns 2 in March. Honestly my son would’ve lost it if I had to toss his like that and he never saw me again but in my heart I know I’d do this for either one of my children 10 times over being a mother is the most powerful and fulfilling honor a woman can ever experience(in my opinion..obviously). That poor little boy that woman is the why we have Mother’s day. I just hope the father is around otherwise who knows how this boy will end up. China needs to stop using cheap ass materials.

  7. wtf is that shit …

    unfuckingbelievebar ! how the fuck… what the fuck…

    my god this is soo awful. just die like this… fucking constructor of this shit should die here and now.
    wtf you cant be in secure place anywhere in this fucking china, not in the escalator and even not out of these escalator… fuck this…dat crazy

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