Worker’s Arm Cut Off At Construction Site in Thailand

Worker's Arm Cut Off At Construction Site in Thailand

A man from Laos working on a construction site in Thailand had his arm cut off while assembling what looks like transmission towers. Translations from Thai are traditionally difficult, and this one was not of much help either:

Employees who are piling the sling was cut short sleeves. 13th c. 2558 at about 16:20 hrs. On employee work accidents pile. Piling arm sling was cut short at the scene of a construction project to build housing. Located bearing intersection with La Salle, Samutprakarn province

An employee who is employed arms of Laos Mr. XXX, aged about 26, served as the scene of a piling in the process force the air. The second draw pile, set up to connect with the first pile nailed down.

While pulling rigs employees use the left hand holding the rope to control the winch and rope arranged in a wire rope was lacking a little bit about making a glove fall over. And arms into the pinch point between the winch and rope. The rope was cut, broken left arm from the elbow down.

If you work in construction and could make out what exactly lead to his arm amputation, please help us understand.

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    1. I think he could really use a hand.
      Have the guy from dirty jobs do this.
      Yeah he could fix his arm with super glue.
      Or he could put a chainsaw on that arm.
      He’s certainly not a terminator.

  1. Although i have seen, and treated many injuries, being a Construction Foreman, i have never had to deal with something as drastic, as this! Too bad for this dude, as i am sure that they do not have The Workman,s Compensation Board, in that sorry-ass Shithole. “(

    1. Must’ve been a lot of force behind that rope (wire rope?) wrapped around his arm to break his humerus like that. But it did make a nice clean cut around his arm. I Think most 1st world countries would try to reattach it if enough arteries, veins, nerves, etc were available and the elbow was still viable. What do you think @thedre?

      1. I think that reattaching it could work, if they could get enough blood to circulate properly. But the nerves will be tricky because they have been stretched, and damaged. He might not have much use, and sensation, once reattached, but hey,,, it is better than loosing it! I, am no Doc, or Nurse, but that sounds like what he will be going through if the reattachment is successful.

        1. It’s amazing what they can do with nerves nowadays. I’ve seen vids of surgeons reattaching “shortened” arms and using muscle flaps from other areas to restore missing/damaged nerves, muscle, skin, etc. I live in a one hospital town without that kind of specialization but love to watch anything live or on video that’s medical. Every year we have loads of motorcycle ortho accidents (among other things) during the Sturgis Rally and anything complicated gets flown out to Denver or Minneapolis. 🙁

          1. @thedre I’m not sure what happen to you, I have not yet back track the older post yet, but I hope your not hurt too bad and wish speedy recovery. I have to go back track and see what happen.

    2. @thedre just found out what happen to your arm, sounds really messed up, hope the doc’s fix it so it no longer hurts. My father one time hurt his hand and never did heal right, he never used drugs but he always kept a heating pad on it at night to help with the pain, maybe it could help. I really hope your arm stops hurting you soon so you can sleep.

  2. Maybe he could have slipped and fell and grabbed onto the tower beams and slid down it for 10-20ft, which could easily take that are off. Or a metal cable wire snapped back towards him and took it off. Just guessing here.

    1. From what I could make out it sounds like he had a rope wrapped around his left arm that was taking up slack before a winch let go and the rope tightened all the sudden and took his arm off.
      Then again… I don’t speak Thai.

        1. Fuck Dude,,, you should be an investigator for The Ministry Of Labor. Seriously, Broke,,, that was also a very good, and reasonable assessment, of what could have happened. I think that you do speak Thai, and have been fucking with us, for ALL these years, lol. 🙂

          1. @ Brokeback ha, ha! i remember that 80s commercial, i would always check out the beautiful girl, with the impressive Camel-Toe, work on those thighs.

  3. I am surprised at the lack of blood loss being that no tourniquet was tied on his upper arm. Thanks @ Ate, for this late night Gore Treat, as i awoke, and cannot get back to sleep, do to my nerve pain in my left wrist! You are my savior, lol. 😉

      1. No, Girl, it is from my accident of May 20th 2014. My left arm, and wrist, got crushed by a Full 5×12 Slab of Granite, and after many Surgeries, i still cannot feel half of my hand, and the nerve pain acts up, from time to time. Sucks, but nothing more can be done with crushed nerve pain!

          1. Yes, i smoke Hashish, from time, to time, as i do not like the smell, and taste of Hydroponic Weed. But if i cannot get good, not repressed Hash, then i will smoke excellent Indica Outdoor Weed Instead. I can say that i am blessed, to be able to still get pure Moroccan, Lebanese ( brown & blonde), and the occasional Afghan. And about once a year, i get a treat of Nepalese Temple Ball. So yea,,, T.H.C. does help, when the pain is Mild to Moderate.

          1. @ ilovemygramps, thanks for the heads up. I will speak to my Doctor next week, and ask him if this med would work for my nerve problem.

          1. Understandable if you’re partying all night lol but, maybe your sleep pattern is disturbed. Sometimes it can be a bitch to fix it.

  4. my own opinion was he probably fall and get “stuck” into one of the bar of the tower, stuck his arm on it and with the speed/weight of him falling this have break his arm by broke suddently and hardly the bone (that explain perfect bone cut), partially cut the muscles (that explain muscles condition) and finally rip off the skin like this.

    that the only possibility i find for explain this injury, the flesh difference place of cut, the rip off of skin and the bone , also explain the missing blood (on floor and on his own body/arms/legs)

  5. Thailand must be some kind of Alien experiment on a large scale. To put together the most disgusting, stupid, dont give a shit, fucked up humans available on this planet. And lets see what Happens.

      1. See, there are many other shiteholes in the world (think of Somalia, Eritrea e.g) but Thailand is just the King of all Shitholes. Sorry for the rage, but im still triggered seeing the pics of the thrown away Baby.

  6. About three of the paras up above are no ore than a tight squeeze and not much of a help either except for nit picks and the thumbnails is from where one’s gotta weave it all and come up with their own version of the narrative .
    Accursed hours coupled with High rise dizzying Towers and the men working atop without proper workman gear with all caution thrown to the wind ……….so what would be the end result is anyone’s guess gents men and ladies …….disaster awaits at nothing but departs rendering a cruel blow .

  7. Wires have chopped the forearm clean around the elbow area and it is evident from the first picture itself .
    The victim sits right there in total disbelief ……….I hope they have some use of the severed forearm resting in that icy bucket !
    Thai chefs are great but not the surgeons ……………I wonder how successful is gonna be the reattachment surgery ;chances seem bleak but one never knows .

    On a lighter note though the bloke still gonna manage peeling bananas off with the other hand and not to forget wanking , which he can as the other hand is intact but not if the guy is a lefty.

    1. Yikes! Thanks for the WARNING @annapocalypse!
      I was just about to do the same thing with my Ejaculator Spakulator! And I have the Turbomatic Pro 2016 model! WHEW! That was a close call! We men don’t read instructions. We know everything. 😆

      1. @Gorycory
        seriously just for laughs man ..tell me if the the stuff you mentioned is available on Amazon , the one that can easily help someone jizz out .I think nothing compares to flashlight /Pocket Pussy .
        Hey just whisper in to me in hush hush tone .
        Just happened to Eavesdrop to someone’s talking that the instructions can stand outrightly ignored and still ya get what ya want .

  8. Why is he not spurting blood all over the place? I want some of whatever is in that bottle! He looks pretty chilled for someone who just got his arm violently ripped from his body!

    1. Well you can see his arm hated spurts and hence no profusion sir
      Alright Funk aside ….even I am in disbelief seeing his arm severed but no spray, squirt, gush or jet its all kinda dried up beefy chunk to his arm and the guy seems frozen in time .
      Must have happened in the blink of an eye ; too sudden to realize .
      Its a miracle he didn’t bleed to death .

        1. yeah ya mean the blood just got dried up in that part of the arm with the rope burn

          Tower was shakin’, he stood and stared.
          When it came he wasn’t spared.
          Still he heard – and the tower said
          go on dammit get “Burned!”

    1. Reattachment surgery wouldn’t be easy and how long before the surgery needs performed is another crucial factor. I don’t know how good the Surgeons are in Die-land but this surgery would only be possible if the surgeons are truly skilled in their craft which I don’t think they factually are and then again hospital facility is gotta be state of the art which in Die-land seem too far fetched a possibility.
      In all probability the chances are bleakest bleak and reattachment a wishful thinking …this fella may not be that lucky after all .

  9. I think i understand what happened. They were pilling up piles, and holding them through a rope using their left hand. But then a glove fell off and the rope cut itself, and Mr. Tripple X’s arm fell off as well. 😆 But then again, goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, im afraid of toasters.

    1. “But then again, goats are like mushrooms, if you shoot a duck, im afraid of toasters.”

      I’m not afraid of toasters, just of underdone toast and butter that’s too cold to spread. That’s why I bought a Butter Bell. No more toast trauma!

  10. These idiots….has no one heard of a tourniquet? Whatever happened to him it does not seem to be bleeding much, almost as if it was cauterized but the flesh doesn’t look burned. Why isn’t he bleeding out there?

  11. Ok by the looks of the injury and a pretty good knowledge of ironwork and working with rigging, as well as some of the phrasing in the translation here’s my thoughts on what most likely happened. From the way it looks. and reads in the translation, they were hanging iron with a crane or winch and he was in the pinch point of the rigging and most likely something fell. For example if there were a beam hooked up to a wire or a rope not under tension and it happened to fall from the structure and pinch his arm between the structure and the cable it would literally crush and tear the limb off. For those who are familiar with using line (rope) on a boat or ship you know never to step in the bite of a line or get between a winch wire and a surface the wire will pull tight up against. If you are standing in the bite,or the slack/loop, of a rope tied to a boat and a dock and the boat suddenly takes off you can kiss your leg goodbye. Same principle here except with a winch or a crane. He probably wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings and got caught, literally between a rock and a hard place, and payed the price. I’d say that he’s lucky it was just his arm and not his neck or waist.

  12. I just had some question , How he don’t feel the pain you know ?
    He loose his fucking arm bro ! at his place i would scream like a bitch and , he don’t seem’s to loose LOT of blood he cannot die for this ? 0.o

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