Worker Picks Wrong Time to Pick Up Box, Breaks Neck Thanks To Fellow Employee

Worker Picks Wrong Time to Pick Up Box, Breaks Neck Thanks To Fellow Employee

On CCTV, in Asia, a worker on a platform ladder in a warehouse with boxes, is the go between for boxes to be relocated above him.

A woman co-worker sees an opportunity to speed up his commission and places a box down next to another, as he goes to pick up box – causes him to fall backwards on neck and restarts the record for no accidents on the job.

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108 thoughts on “Worker Picks Wrong Time to Pick Up Box, Breaks Neck Thanks To Fellow Employee”

    1. Hahaha by the end of it this tragic episode , his next of kin will get compensated with a life time supply of fortune cookies beside his spouse , a kith or a kin ; finding a place where he used to be , loading boxes of despair ,gleefully with a kick
      in the face to the so called prescribed rules and regulations or lets just say laid down ,” industrial safety norms” .

      1. It would appear that the placement of the second box triggered a tear in the fabric of spacetime from where he will never return…

        Also proof that the asian is by far the most uncoordinated brand of Human

  1. I love how when someone has a neck or back injury, people trying to “help” contort the shit out of em..sealing the victims fate. Its basic first aid, immobilize the head (maintain c-spine) to prevent further injury or paralysis.

  2. Fortunately, the Grim Reaper was already waiting with the flatbed truck! I remember being younger and constantly being told Chinese and Japanese are so much smarter than everyone else. That is proven false.

  3. oh man, whatta dumbfuck that lady is. imagine later on when that guy is telling someone how he ended up in a chair… “oh, some dumb cunt just cunting around”. sheesh. i hope those people trying to “help” him didn’t injure him further. 🙁

  4. … Talking about “Laying Down on the job!” … Fat Boy was daydreaming about a Greasy dripping Foot Long Steak & Triple Cheesy Sub, Greasy Fries, a Giant Vanilla Milkshake & “NECK bones & Rice”. … Well if they serve that in HELL I’m sure the Devil will accommodate his FAT Azz. Gluttony is a Sin FAT BOY!! Pleasant Dreams PIGMAN!

  5. So after not being able to move his arms and legs, what role will he play there ? Think about this. The dumb woman broke his neck and he will be laying in bed for 50 years now. I imagine this dude a bit on the angry side. I bet the retribution he gets from her will be her entire $50 bank account. I guess he can get a fancy dinner with that. lol

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