Worker Ran Over and Crushed by Steamroller in Colombia

Worker Ran Over and Crushed by Steamroller in Colombia

Worker Ran Over and Crushed by Steamroller in Colombia

A truly bizarre case of a workplace mishap was caught on a CCTV camera in Colombia. A worker casually walking down the section of the road under road construction is gradually caught up with by a steamroller who eventually runs him over and crushed him to death.

How the hell did the driver not see the guy on foot in front of him the whole time, I have no idea. I presume the victim wore hearing protection and may not have heard there’s something crawling up to him from behind, but if you can’t hear and you have heavy machinery moving up and down all around you, it should be a natural routine to constantly glance over your shoulders.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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      1. And the steel toed shoes don’t forget the steel toe shoes !! If it weren’t for those steel toe shoes homeboys toes would have got fucked up hard… And thank God he was wearing a hard hat… All of those things are very very important on a construction site, unless you get run over by Steamroller !!! God dammit!!!!

    1. @stubyone

      Not only do I know exactly what you mean, but one idiot clipped my sandal just right and ripped the sole half off. I’m just walking along through WalMart and suddenly every other step makes a flip-flop noise. “I’m sorry.” didn’t cut it THAT day, I made him buy me a new pair.

      PS: I freaking LOVE the tat on your profile page!

    1. @corpuschristycanyon

      This is what happens when someone accidently records over the company’s safety video with Looney Tunes episodes and doesn’t own up to it. The instructors have been popping the same video tape into the VCR for decades and leaving the new hires to watch it while they sneak off for a smoke break. Moral of the story: Never work for a company that’s so cheap they’re still using VHS tapes.

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  1. WTF? Of course you see the obligatory panicked hands on the head heavy breathing reaction from the guy who ran him over.

    Really though, its both of their fault for not paying attention.

  2. Wow, this is the one I’ve been waiting for , just wish the camera was a bit closer. Reminds me of that scene in the movie The Naked Gun when Ricardo Maltalbans character gets dropped from the upper mezzanine in the Angels Stadium and gets run over by a steamroller! Lol! But in real life! Shitty way to go, but will be remembered at least.

  3. When people drive these machines, they are typically looking backward at what they’ve just run over, only shortly sometimes glancing forward to make sure they’re going safely, but, normally, these dudes drive with their attention to the rear of the machine to make sure they’re pushing the weight down over the asphalt. I bet anything this dude was driving that thing , only looking to the rear, thus not seeing his unintended victim. Until he hits his human speed bump. No pun intended…..?

  4. I thought industrial and roadworks fatalities were a chinese monopoly. This shit has me more shocked than most stuff on bestgore.

    How does one drive any kind of vehicle and not watch where it’s going though ? What a fucking moron of a driver.

  5. I worked with heavy machinery all my life, and the number one thing to keep you safe is knowing AT ALL TIMES where every piece of machinery is located and where it’s going. You lose track of just one of them, and you could pay for it with your dumb life.

  6. What the fuckin fuck is this mother fuckin shit? The two dumbest motherfuckers in the entire universe run into each other on this construction site. It could’ve been a scene in ‘Idiocracy!’
    One winds up dead and the other can’t understand what happened. Fuckin bugs bunny and daffy duck shit.

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