Worker Spun for Over Three Minutes After His Hand Gets Caught in Roller

Worker Spun for Over Three Minutes After His Hand Gets Caught in Roller

Worker Spun for Over Three Minutes After His Hand Gets Caught in Roller

CCTV video from what looks like a factory in China shows a worker getting spun after his hand gets apparently caught in the spinning roller.

Seems like he was the only worker on shift, as nobody came to his aid, so he kept spinning for over three minutes until his beat up body slipped off. You can see that after less than a minute of spinning, there was a notable blood stain on the floor from his getting repeatedly slammed over and over.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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        1. I heard the Chinese design machines like this on purpose, that way if there is a fatality. they can save on that weeks pay..they fuge the paycheck and rob the dead victim and just have a line of people waiting to get the job. they are pretty crooked and all for the nation. little guy can just die to save money..

          1. While you whine, their economy has beat ours.
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          2. First of all, as a Chinese, I am sorry about this video, but this kind of accident is extremely rare, not as you said. Only a very small number of irregular factories have this kind of accident, and most factories in China are now semi-automated and fully automated.

        1. There seems to be a lot 0f these types of videos popping up. People getting sucked up into machines and spinning around while their head hits the ground with every rotation. Personally, my favorite gore videos.

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    3. But look at the top right of the screen when the video starts! Is that a chink walking by giving zero fucks? Is it a ghost from the last worker who took a ride on the machine? Or could it be that he spun so hard it knocked his soul clear across the room?

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  1. Perhaps the third most painful death posted on the site after flaying being no 1 – the most disturbing. No 2 – bone crushing beating with the baseball bats of the mexican politician’s nephew.

    His crushed feet & jellified lower legs were repeatedly slammed whilst fully conscious. He must have felt excruciating & unimaginable pain before eventually passing out due to slow suffocation. Brutal

  2. Im curious if anyone is familiar with this particular machine/machinery and what fatal mistake he specifically made when he was fumbling around? i know he pressed a button maybe but where and did he glance it by mistake or did his elbow touch a button which initiated the spin? or was it even more sinister like a machine malfunction? does anyone know the exact specifics of what caused this accident? How does a regular tax drone machine schmoe like that fuck up so badly when hes probably done that a million times?

      1. Exactly. When you do the same routine over and over every day for years, you just starting to act on reflexes and your attention wanders away to fantasy lands. The other video where the guy got squashed by industrial press is in the same venue.

  3. 3 minutes of pure lol as he goes on spin cycle, each slam to the ground pulverizing his bones more and more. Pretty thin streak of blood accumulated obviously but it was a self contained injury, thought he would explode at some point.

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