Workplace Accident Hand Injury Requires 10 Stitches

Workplace Accident Hand Injury Requires 10 Stitches

Workplace Accident Hand Injury Requires 10 Stitches

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mitusonee, who suffered workplace injury that left his hand with a cut requiring 10 stitches:

This accident happened to me. I was doing maintenance on a piece called a machete on a graphic machine called folder. I took 10 stitches on the spot. Work accidents can occur.

Thanks a lot for sharing the video with us. @mitusonee doesn’t live in an English speaking country, but I think the backstory is reasonably understood:

UPDATE February 24, 2020

@mitusonee provided an update with a pic showing the stitches. That’s a tough area for an a njury to heal because there is always movement in the way hand and finger flex:

Update on Hand Injury Showing Stitches

UPDATE March 1, 2020

Another update from OP showing the healing process 8 days after the injury:

Eight Days After Injury

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67 thoughts on “Workplace Accident Hand Injury Requires 10 Stitches”

  1. @mitusonee,
    I Wish you all the best while in the healing process. And do not get discouraged along the way as i did with my work injury, at it does get better with time, love, and lots of support.
    o God-Bless You B G Brother, & good luck in your future en devours. 🙂

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  3. Puss boy, if I got stitches every time I cut my hand like that, I’d be getting stitches every 6 months. Close the shit Up with superglue, if it keeps bleeding, who gives a fuck about a scar , unless ur a hand model! I’m an electrician, electrical tape makes for great bandaids!

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