Young Boy Gets His Hand Shredded by Meat Grinder

Half Minced Child Hand

Young Boy Gets His Hand Shredded by Meat Grinder

The only backinfo I got, is that the incident happened in the Philippines. The photos show a child whose hand got pulled in a meat grinder and shredded up to the knuckles.

The rescuers had to deploy an angle grinder to free the boy’s hand. Still, other than the thumb and part of the little finger, all other digits were irreversibly lost.

He’s not the first nor the second to get his hand minced by a meat grinder. Props to Best Gore member @hanafusa14 for the pics:

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131 thoughts on “Young Boy Gets His Hand Shredded by Meat Grinder”

    1. Because it still has function and potential. He can still use that to push things away, push ups, driving, ext. It would be harder and more uncomfortable to do such things with a prosthetic, no matter how advance they become. Prosthetics for feet and legs are one thing and they are amazing, but arms and hands – much more cumbersome than they are helpful. People should really stop kidding themselves with that technology, lol. I would prefer to have a stump with a couple fingers than nothing and some device that I have to put too much thought and effort into in order to make it functional.

      NTM…hell of expensive for an articulate device that wouldn’t be as strong as a stump with a couple fingers. This kid will be better off the way he is, and he learned one hell of a lesson. lol.

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    1. Horrible way to begin the new year. This might have happened weeks ago but still….at least he has his thumb, the most important digit. Happy new year to all BGers! Thanks for coming back Mr. Marek!

          1. @despy & @Bad Jonny (Make America 88 Again)
            Badjonny & Or Yourself Girl as you are both well spoken & witty as hell. 🙂

            Or maybe even *Hopingfornemesis (Nemes) and his team of **B G Purchasers** maybe they will use their own team to post content. B.T.W. Where has he been???

          2. @despy

            Hi guys – I can’t post anything, because all I would do is rip it straight off L/L (can’t name it here) & stick it up here on BG

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          3. Bad Jonny (Make America 88 Again)

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          1. @The Captain, I am not a robot!

            That was a good one brother. Canada has lots of weird city, and small town names, as many of them come from the original Indians, or native american Indians.
            And you do have a great sense of humor B G Bro! 🙂

          1. @DilDoe
            Lol, fuck brother could you imagine the smelly mess he’ll have to deal with now until he gets used to that shit, literally, lol. Poor Lil fucker! 🙁

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          1. @DilDoe
            And a Happy New-Year to Yourself as well, hoping that 2020 bring you all the best that life has to offer, my good B G Brother. 🙂

            As for my Top-Ten List, I Have to start working on it again as i have 4 possible picks so far, but with the content being quite slim lately, it is becoming quite the challenge, to say the least.

            With Poor Mark is working alone again, and devoting much of his time to keeping the site up and running, because of the constant & ongoing attacks, it’s understandably enough. Cause just keeping The Jews At bay can be time consuming, & quite challenging at the best of times 🙁

    1. @rayf
      Well looks like he will be giving himself the stranger with one hand,,,
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      And Happy New-Year Brother. All the best to you and your family in 2020 dude. 🙂

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  3. I suppose I should feel sorry for him, but I don’t. I got through my childhood without thrusting my hand into a meat grinder. I also didn’t put my hand on a glowing red oven ring to see how hot it was. I also didn’t eat shit, or drink bleach, to see what it tasted like.

    And please don’t say “we all do stupid things when we are kids,” because there’s stupid and then there’s stupid, and then there’s putting your hand into a meat grinder. As Shakespeare’s Brutus said to the dying Caesar, “Tough bananas, Julius!” That may not be an entirely accurate quotation, but that’s how I remember it.

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