Young Farmer Killed by Revolving Shaft His Clothes Got Caught In

Young Farmer Killed by Revolving Shaft His Clothes Got Caught In

According to the info I got, this happened in China. A 23 years old young farmer was allegedly fixing his tractor, when the loose clothing he was wearing got caught in the revolving shaft of a motor propelling the machine attached to the tractor, leading to his untimely and horrible death all twisted and ripped up.

As we’ve seen at Best Gore a lot, wearing loose clothing as well as loose hair around machinery with spinning parts is a dangerous game. It only takes a split second and you get sucked in and chewed up.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Young Farmer Killed by Revolving Shaft His Clothes Got Caught In”

  1. this is so common in Farm situations. Loose clothing around a Tractor PTO (Power Take Off) connection. there is no guarding to ensure you don’t get snagged. if you do, to late. In this case he got wound into the shaft. Normally it rips your limbs off. Blink of an eye. gone. a hand, your fingers, maybe an arm right up to the shoulder. Sad, really sad.

    1. Newer tractors have casing over them to prevent fuck-ups. But the older ones like that tractor, hell nah. I have a 87 Deere 2520 that scares the shit out of me when I got the PTO moving. But my JCB 2CX has got a shroud over the shaft of whatever implimant I’m running so I don’t give a shit. But I have seen guys up and close get sucked into PTO’s, augers, even emptying grain wagons. Most of the guys made it out with only serious injury, but I have seen a few die. It’s scary shit. Well not really. Just don’t be a retard, and watch your ass.

    1. Agreed. Work accidents suck. Just trying to make a honest living and boom..dead. I definitely have way more sympathy for this guy than say those 2 chicks livestreaming their fatal stupidity, thats for sure. He was fairly young too. Sad.

  2. By thunder ! that was being plain reckless on the part of the farmer.
    I wonder who of the two was ploughing whom !.?
    But then again its truly bizarre for a farmer to be in a pair of Jeans and T-shirt
    Finally it looks like he did try though sowing the seeds but failed as a modern farmer .
    Alternatively jerking near tractors or big machines isn’t a good idea… he could have jerked wearing nothing a little far under shade of a tree.

  3. Machine: Fuck! I hate when I get my Schwartz twisted! Maybe if I put my foot…
    This guy: Let me stop you right there, I’m just going to wrap my heart around my right arm and call it good.

  4. It’s better working around those machines completely naked, …but still machine is very hungry and would try to grab your balls..or you know what? The only machine I trust is my desktop computer..I stick with that..

  5. Have to take my hat off to the tractor what a cracken job now just reverse it and he should be fine one or too broken bones twisted head but he will recover.
    Well he better do i want my hat back!!!!!

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