Young Laborer Dies Having Been Sucked Into Asphalt Drum Mixer

Young Laborer Dies Having Been Sucked Into Asphalt Drum Mixer

21 year old laborer identified as Expedito Peralta died during an unfortunate workplace accident at an asphalt processing plant in the Navarrete neighborhood in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Coworkers said that he was in charge of making sure there was a constant flow of material to the feeder bins. Apparently, he was sucked into the asphalt drum mixer that buried him alive in a mixture of materials it processed.

His coworkers stopped the machine as soon as they realized what had happened and tried to dig Expedito out, but it was already too late. Young man was lifeless and there was nothing anyone could do to bring him back.

According to the video report, Expedito Peralta was a member of the Red Cross in the Dominican Republic and his death brought to attention several other similar accidents that have occurred in various other processing plants in the area.

This second video is a memorial his friends put together after his death. It’s just a slideshow of pictures of the victim while he was still alive. Props to Best Gore member ridonkulous for the translation from Spanish:

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41 thoughts on “Young Laborer Dies Having Been Sucked Into Asphalt Drum Mixer”

  1. When I first looked at it I thought it said ‘young Labrador dies getting sucked into asphalt’. I thought oh, I’m not going click on that. When I realized it said ‘Young labourer’ I immediately clicked on it. what is all that about? Terrible way to go for the young guy though, he seemed genuinely decent.

    1. @Wicked Mama,

      In a sense he was a young Labrador in that he was the property of his owner (the boss) and depended on a wage (dog food) and a place to belong (work place) to keep himself alive.

      I’m more of an English Cocker Spaniel, and I’ve been known to lick my balls in public.

    2. @Wicked mama
      Thats a prime example of what the human emotions have bein twisted to a dude dies in some random place no one cares, a dog dies in a random place people cry and throw a hissy fit over it. Although its probably cause humans suck.

  2. Man those classic black hearses always creep me out. I hold my breath everytime the driver’s side door opens. I still like them, my favorite is the old Cadillac version. Well at least he had a nice ride to the morgue. Poor kid.

    1. I know exactly what your talking about, the caddies are my favorite as well! When I was younger I wanted to buy one complete with the curtains in the back. Can you imagine rolling all over town in one?

  3. Reminds me of a horror book I read a while ago where a war had broken out and they were getting rid of people by burying them alive in the asphalt then rolling over them with a steam roller thus making them part of the road. This guy almost became a character in the book.

    Very sad way to go and so young.

    1. This actually happened in California. in the 60s or 70s a lunatic would kill his victims and dump their corpses in cement mixers which were later used to create the freeway system in so cal, although I cant remember his name. He did this with 10+ victims and corpses but only a few have been recovered so the rest are in a freeway somewhere and he cant be charged for the other corpses because they haven’t been found thus they are just reported as missing. crazy!

  4. Clearly before the hot asphalt got dumped in. Just all of the gravels and such mixing around with him for the ‘ride.’ More or less being tossed into a clothes dryer, but in a mega sided one used to mix gravel, sand, etc before the black hot stuff gets mixed in too.

    Guess he proved that this will never make the carnival ride circuit….

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