Young Thai Had His Arm Caught in Meat Grinder

Young Thai Had His Arm Caught in a Meat Grinder

A Thai boy, who looks to be fairly young, maybe in his early teens, had his arm caught in a meat grinder. Looks like they were able to get the arm out by cutting the grinder lengthwise, but although the images in the video don’t seem to make the injury look too severe, there is a reason why these things are called “meat grinders”. I’d be surprised if a forearm ground by a meat grinder could be saved.

Props to the kid for being calm and collected the whole time. I wonder if he was a child laborer, or just helping his mom with cooking at home.

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  1. I crushed my foot during my younger days as a forklift operator and man I didn’t feel the pain. I knew something was wrong the moment that I no longer could feel my foot. So I remove my NON steal toe boots ( yes, stupid of me for not buying steal toe boots) and upon removing my sock blood started gushing out. My foot was broken, my toes where all crushed and the big toe was missing a big chunk of skin and the nail which I later found stuck to my sock. I could see the bone of my big toe. The rushed me to the hospital and gave me some morphine, stitched my toe and placed a cast on my foot. After the morphine wore out is when I actually started to feel the pain. Vicodin fixed that problem.

    1. I’ve also skipped steel-toe shoes in an environment where i should’nt. Isuppose it’s a situation when you can get lazy because nothing bad happens anyway. (I can use my seatbelt the day i’m in an accident-mentality)


      how’s your foot these days?

      1. Exactly.. I was being lazy and cutting corners. Something bad was coming my way and it did.

        Thanks for asking..It’s doing great and luckily I regained full function of my foot. Although I do have a chunk of meat missing. But hey, I’m more concerned with functionality over aesthetics. 🙂

        1. I don’t know man. I think if the weight is heavy enough the steel toe will flatten and will end up cutting that part of you foot clean off. Just a theory :p some boots aren’t even steel anymore. It’s a plastic cap.

    2. Yes stupid me for not buying steel toe boots??? Really? Where I’m from it’s your workplace responsibility to provide safety shoes, if that happened the company would be in big trouble.
      But okay live in a land that cares about people, shit we even get money from the state for going to school –
      Normal monthly pay out is somewhere between 800-1200 just for going to school, which is free off cause.
      And we got one of the best education systems.
      Don’t really know how I got from you pm to this, think I just spilled my thought, sorry guys have a nice day.

      Oh and my the way a Asian accident with no pointing guys, something is wrong???

  2. It feels like that the kid got used to his misfortunes already, tought little guy… o.O But there are safety tools to use as an addition to a meat grinder, like a pression plate (similar to the coffee machine ones), instead of using their own fingers to do it… Hell, even a spoon is enough for it to pull the meat down the grinding gears… but i guess they love to learn it the hard way.

  3. The only hope that his forearm can be saved, is if the meat grinder was purchased at a local Wal-Mart…

    …if you can get anything to work the way you want it to from a Wal-Mart, it should be on the front page of your local newspaper

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