Youths Torn Apart As Large Homemade Firecracker Accidentally Explodes

Youths Torn Apart As Large Homemade Firecracker Accidentally Explodes

This video is from Indonesia but I only have very sketchy background info.

It would appear that a group of youths home-made a large firecracker. They brought it to an open field, presumably to set it up and set it off. As they were fiddling around with it, the cylinder accidentally exploded, causing severe, possibly fatal trauma to the youths.

There are two videos of the incident. First video shows the process of setting the firecracker up. The explosion happens at the 2:33 mark. The field is littered with debris – perhaps this was not the first firecracker they set off:

Second video shows some aftermath, but just as every video from Indonesia, the scene is very chaotic, with way too many people in the way. Lower body trauma to the latest victim loaded onto the truck is pretty significant:

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    1. Wow! loved the video, the hunks and chunks just flying around was great..1st post here so i hope it comes out right,lol, It took me 8 months to get signed on,, im sort of slow n mental these days. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi to everyone and that i love the site and the freedoms that it expresses that a lot of people are trying to take away.

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  1. Holy shit..this video looks pretty good….they’re getting better at holding their cameras I see…HAHAHA what the fuck was up with them cheering while this fuckers in pieces…..oh WAIT that was me…lolz…meh..great post ate..thank you!!

          1. Oooh.. that’s just too bad. I was hoping to meet a big penis when I visit. I thought for sure that men had to throw them over their shoulders to carry them around. I’m disappointed now..

    1. That was the funniest comment yet.
      I am still crying with laughter in a coffee shop.
      I’m relatively new here, I’ve been lurking for a year or so and commented a couple of times. I have not formally introduced myself to the community here ,until now.
      Hello Best Gore , I am cool aero , I love this site, I love to read your comments and I especially love the freedom of thoughts and ideas that this site represents. With regard to my name, if you speak Spanish sound it out it’s just a play on a Spanish word( I’m not fluent in Spanish, Except for profane or vulgar , I’m pretty good on those in a few languages. I hope this isn’t too long I just want put my respects out for you guys and thank everyone here for the hours I get laughing my ass off at the comments!

  2. A firecracker? That was no firecracker. That was a weapon of mass destruction. The mother of all bombs. It’s all fun and games until someone loses half their body. You could see from all the paper on the ground that they had already detonated one before. Their luck ran out.

  3. what was that rule I learned in First Aid class, that when someone is injured you don’t move them until help arrives? Or was it — pass them around a big mob scene and toss them into the back of a pickup? It was one or the other!

  4. Firecracker? lol
    Can’t imagine that shredded lower body chap could have survived. Though perhaps 2 free prosthetics and a colostomy were included in the box when he bought this.

  5. I’ve seen this video before and I got all the info:
    It’s a festival they do similar to wherever they do that smashing-explosive-with-hammers thing.
    Obviously it’s a 3rd world area so that carries 3rd world safety measures.
    2 kids were severely injured, one got the leg taken off as you can see, another had his stomach blown out, and apparently survived. All the kids within the blast radius had injuries from the concussion.

    1. I was going to make this a lone comment until I noticed your name (which by the way, R+ f?r Immer!) but is it just me, or does it look like the kid @ 0:07 is rocking a Rammstein shirt? It really looks like the bold/boxy lettering they use.

  6. Gotta give the kids an A for effort with that ‘firecracker’. The thing was the size of a rolled up carpet. They might of lived through the day if they were not trying to seemingly ass-rape the frigg’n thing.

    My bet.. some of that debris in the field where they posted the thing was smoldering. Never knew what hit them.

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